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The country’s economy heavily depends on rain-fed agriculture and the tourism sector leaves it vulnerable to cycles of boom and bust. The agricultural sector employs nearly 75 percent of the country's 38 million people. Half of the sector's output remains subsistence production.

Kenya's economic performance has been hampered by numerous interacting factors: heavy dependence on a few agricultural exports that are vulnerable to world price fluctuations, population growth that has outstripped economic growth, prolonged drought that has necessitated power rationing, deteriorating infrastructure, and extreme disparities of wealth that have limited the opportunities of most to develop their skills and knowledge.

We are committed to working closely with communities in Kenya, engaging and listening to their needs as we find solutions together. Our mission is to bring joy to desperate mothers who walk over 5 kilometres in search of water and basic healthcare services. Your sponsorship goes a long way in providing water to needy communities in Kenya.

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