MA Fundraising Tools

1. Host a street carnival

We will get a bouncing castle onto the street complete rented with music or band. We will allow people to play games for small amounts of money and charge an entry fee.

2 . Text for donation

We will have people text to donate a small amount, which will simply be added onto their phone bill. Promote the campaign by word of mouth and social media.

3. Organize a competition

We will have a competition either dressing or fashion where members of public will pay to participate in voting sampling fashion as they donate to the cause. We will observe all legal aspects.

4 . Raffle selling

We will sell raffles for surprise prizes. Everybody fancies being a winner, and this will create some positive energy that will attract donors. We will give away a prize.

5. Wrap events around holidays

We will get people to donate a certain amount of money on their special events. Target occasions such as birthdays and public holidays where it is easy to net many people simultaneously. Valentine and Christmas would be a great choice.

6. Organize a dance

We will organize a dance where couples and friends can dance until they wear out. The last duo standing will be the winners and with such idea people will be willing to pay premium rates to participate. A small amount for watching can be charged as well and the event can even run in multiple locations simultaneously.

7. "Imprison" a celebrity

Imprison a local celebrity (like a radio DJ or Musician or Athlete) in a public cage and tell the public to bail her or him out for a certain amount of money. This kind of event is funny especially if a prison costume is involved.

8. Striking gold

Organize for members of a community to donate old items for cash. Auction the items on the spot for a small profit, or simply sell them in a huge rummage sale. We will also organize a community rummage sale where each participant keeps their profits but pays a small fee to have a table.

9. Busting balloons

Fill up balloons with unique tickets and sell them to ‘lucky’ buyers. Bust them in public to look for the winning tickets for several prizes. This is an easy way to raise money at a local event.

University of Nairobi